Handmade Panlipi Strap Loom Weave Lilaktob White Yellow KalBag31 Bag Strap

Lilaktob is a traditional weaving pattern from the province of Kalinga. It’s often called “lilagtob” or “nilaktob”, but the correct root is “lagtob”, which means “one after another”. Scholars have found that the honeycomb shape was inspired by an “inammata” design created by the Ga’dang tribe, which wards off evil with a symbol of an eye. Some elements can be found in tattoo patterns as well because some tribes used them as talismans for protection.

Type of Weaving: Loom Weaving
Back Material:100% Cotton Webbing
Top Fabric: Polyester Artisan Tribal Hand-Weaved Decorative Fabric
End part: High-quality genuine leather
Width: 2 inches
Length: Approximately 140cm
Hardware: Durable Antique Brass Rivet, Buckle, Snap End and Adjuster
Made In The Philippines