Makoy started as a worship musician for a local church to being the guitar player and arranger for many renowned Filipino artists like Sarah Geronimo and KZ Tandingan. He has played in different countries like Dubai, China, USA and Qatar.

Born in 1989 and known as Kid from CDO (Cagayan de Oro, Philippines), seeing his Grandparents cheered and proud of him when he first played on the church has become one of his motivations.

He listens to Pop, Fushion Jazz and Rock.

And in 2012, started as a session musician to the artists of one of the largest Recording Label in the Philippines.

As a session musician, he believes in the value of upskilling and investing in equipment and oneself.

Makoy always love and enjoy music and sharing his talent to people. He wants it clean and simple, enjoying every melody, harmony and rhythm.

Today as a Teacher, he shares techniques and advices as a musician with his mentor in Michael Alba Drum Program and on his Youtube Channel.

Instagram: @makoy.from.cdo I

Facebook: Teachēr Mac Portado I

Youtube: Makoy Portado I